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Numerical List of Notes

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001. Blessed are the Merciful for they shall obtain Mercy.

002. Doing God's Will not our own will.

003. Endurance.

004. Expecting the Blessing of God.

005. Inner Healing and Deliverance.

006. Leadership in the Church (read in conjunction with Nos 55, 73, 74, 75).

007. The Love of God.

008. Obedience.

008a. Obedience to God.

009. The Real Faith.

010. Repentance.

011. Walking in the Spirit.

012. Healing the Sick as Part of the Gospel Message.

013. The Hope of the Gospel.

014. What is the Church?

014a. What is the Church?

015. Humility.

016. Evangelism.

017. God Subdues our Iniquities.

018. The Power of the Word of God.

018a. God's Word in our Hearts.

019. He is our Peace.

020. Helpful points on Leadership - from Le Roy Eims book on Leadership (6 pages)

021. The Joy of the Lord.

022. Holiness unto the Lord.

023. Establishing and Recognising Roles in a Developing Church Oversight.

023a. Spiritual Leadership in the Church. (23a is page 2 of Note 23.)

024. Prepare Now for Revival.

025. Who I am in Christ.

026. Jesus Christ is Lord.

027. Lists of Scripture Promises (600 promises, 32 topics).

028. The Existence of God - How we know God exists (5 pages).

029. Foundation Doctrines of the Christian Life (Heb 6:1-6, - 11 pages).

030. The Fruit of the Spirit (10 pages of notes).

031. Principles of Faith Living.

032. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit (8 pages of notes)

033. Prayer.

034. The Second Coming of Christ.

035. Freedom and Liberty in Christ.

036. New Testament and Old Testament Names of God.

037. Compassion, Mourning and Weeping before God.

038. The Person, Work, Names and Symbols of the Holy Spirit.

039. The Tabernacle of Moses.

040. The Feasts of Israel. (See No 86.)

041. Abiding in Christ.

042. God is with us.

043. Asking - The Importance of Making Specific Requests of God in Faith.

044. Marriage - Order of Service.

045. Suffering in the Christian Life.

046. Worshipping God.

047. Righteousness and its Effect.

048. Removing Offences.

049. Walking in the Light - of the Spirit and the Word

050. Walking in the Light - Obeying the Voice of Conscience.

051. Marriage Relationships.

052. Fruitfulness in the Christian Life and Service.

053. What is the Goal of your Life?

054. The New Covenant in Jesus' Blood - Blessings of the Blood of Jesus.

055. Revival and the Leader God raises up to Plant and Build a Church. (No 55 is followed by Nos 73, 74, 75).

056. What about Good Works?

057. Positive Benefits of Trials.

058. Judging Prophecy.

059. How to Pray Effectively (Pastor B. Tan - ALC, Kaitaia).

060. God's Leading, Guidance, Moving into the Call of God.

061. Giving and Prosperity in God.

062. God's Grace and Favour.

063. Freedom from Legalism.

063a. Living by Law or Living by Faith.

064. The Armour and Force of Righteousness.

065. The Teaching Ministry.

066. Becoming Established in Prophecy.

067. The Renewed Mind is the Vehicle of the Holy Spirit.

068. Authority in the Church and How it is to Operate.

069. Release from Rejection and Grief.

070. The Lord Reigns - God is in Control.

071. Understanding the Parable of the Sower.

072. The Power of "Confession" of God's Word.

073. The Relationship of a Leader to his Family (follows on from 55).

074. Establishing the Leader and his Support Team.

075. How to Identify the Person God is Calling into Leadership.

076. The Washing of Water by the Word.

077. The Dual Nature of Truth.

078. Our Total Dependence on the Holy Spirit & God the Father.

079. Principles of Church 0Planting in a Difficult Locality (Pastor Edwards Moerewa CF)

080. Prepare the Way of the Lord. (See No 154)

081. Blessings of Obedience.

082. Listen, Hear and Obey God Ps 81:8-16.

083. Creeds - Nicene + Apostles

084. How to Achieve the Goal of God for your Life - Christian Discipline.

085. The Fear of the Lord.

086. Praying for the Latter Rain, and the Harvest. (See No 40.)

087. Understanding the Anointing Part 1.

088. Understanding the Anointing Part 2.

089. How Old is the Earth and where do the Dinosaurs Fit in?

090. Proclamation Comes Before Demonstration! Confession of God's Word.

091. The Importance of a Secure Self Image.

092. What the Bible Teaches about the Wrath of God.

093. Conducting a Funeral Service.

094. The Divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

095. Principles of Living. Basic Human Relationships. Hyderabad, Faith Centre - 16 pages.

096. The Holy Trinity of the Godhead

097. Freedom to Choose.

098. How do we Shine for Jesus?

099. The Resurrection Life of Christ in us.

100. Ministry on the Family (8 pages).

101. Responsibilities of the Pastor-Shepherd-Elder.

102. Righteousness - lost at the Fall - regained in Christ.

103. Ordination for a Pastor.

104. The Authority of God's Word, the Bible.

105. The Importance of Knowing God Loves You.

106. The Ministry of Caring for Others, Part 1 and Part 2.

107. God's Faithfulness and His Faithfulness in us.

108. Life and Ministry of Christ.

109. Women's Ministry.

110. Casting All Your Care on God for He Cares for You.

111. Victory Over the World.

112. God is the Fountain of Living Waters.

113. Self Control - Ruling over your own Life for God.

114. Man, Sin, Atonement, Salvation. (9 pages)

115. The Person and Work of Christ. (12 pages)

116. Fasting.

117. The Nature of True Freedom.

118. The Centrality of the Cross which is the Power of God.

119. The Five Sacrifices of the Mosaic Covenant.

120. What is Our Full Salvation in Christ?

121. Statement of Faith.

122. The Ministry of the Leader's Wife.

123. Leadership Seminar - 1993 Kamareddy, India - The Leader's Ministry.

124. Tithing

125. Preparing for Revival:- By Keeping the Ten Laws.

126. The Covenants of God's Word.

127. Identity, Significance, Self-worth and Security.

128. Spiritual Warfare.

129. What about Small Groups?

130. Overcoming Temptation.

131. Discipleship in Christ. (This is a study in Jn 8:31-36.)

132. Guidelines for Premarriage Counselling.

133. Leadership Seminar 1994, Kamareddy, India.Emphasis on Faith.

134. Sowing and Reaping.

135. Stewardship for the-Lord.

136. Serving Christ or Serving Man?

137. Judge not that you be not judged.

138. The significance of Number 3 in scripture.

139. The Power of Humility and Humbling Self Before God.

140. Pastors' Conference - Kamareddy - 1995. Baptism of Fire.

141. Do All to the Glory of God - 1Cor 10:31.

142. Wisdom.- Wisdom is the Principal Thing; Therefore get Wisdom.

143. Husbands Love Your Wives - Eph 5:25.

144. He Who Wins Souls is Wise - Pro 11:30

145. The Importance of God's Word.

146. The Fear of the Lord.

147. The Epistle of James.

148. The Ministry of the Apostle.

149. How Church Decisions are made. Pastor B Tan - ALC Kaitaia.

150. How Church Appointments are made. Pastor B Tan - ALC Kaitaia.

151. How We Resolve Church Conflicts and Differences - Pastor B Tan.

152. Pastors' Conference - Hyderabad 1996 - The Cross of Christ.

153. Training Leaders and a Leadership Team (see Nos 20,74,75)

153a. Choosing and developing Leaders - Pastor D Hastie

154. Prepare the Way of the Lord (See No 80).

155. What to do When Someone Speaks Critically to You About Another Believer/Leader

156. Marrying a "de facto" Couple When One Becomes a Believer.

157. Priorities for Leaders.

158. Create in Me a Clean Heart 0 God - Ps 51:10.

159. Overcoming the Hardness of Heart - The Wayside - Parable of the Sower

160. Removing the Stones from the Stony Ground - Parable of the Sower.

161. Clearing the Thorns from the Thorny Ground - Parable of the Sower.

162. Leadership in the New Testament.Church.

163. "Lead Us Not Into Temptation."

164. What is the Anointing? ("The Seven Spirits of God").

165. How to Respond to Hurts (Forgiveness)

166. Choosing Humility - Avoiding Pride. (What is True Biblical Humility?)

167. Being a Good Receiver of God's Grace.

168. Keeping the Commands of God is What Matters.

169. Why Does God Want Us to Worship Him?

170. A Christmas Message - The Wise Men Seek for Jesus Until They Find Him

171. Intercession.

172. Cross Cultural Marriage Harmony.

173. Bold in God to Speak the Word.

174. The Power of God Which is in You.

175. Prospering in All Things, Especially Financial.

176. Put on the Garment of Praise.

177. Compassion - the Moving Force of Love.

178. God has made you His Able Minister of the Gospel.

179. The Garments of the High Priest.

180. Promises and Requirements of the New Covenant.

181. We are in Christ and Christ is in us.

182. The Significance of the Number 5 in the Scriptures.

183. Do not Compare Yourself or your Ministry with Anyone Else.

184. Praying Effectively for the Unsaved and Other Believers.

185. Living in the Rest that Christ Gives to Us, and the Sabbath.

186. "Be Holy for I am Holy," says the Lord.

187. What is God's Ultimate Purpose?

188. The Pathway to Vision.

189. Are You Listening to God? Are You Hearing His Voice?

190. What Are You Building?

191. Pastors' Prayer Summits.

192. The Responsibility of the Church to Care for the Poor and the Needy.

193. The Heart of Man, What it is, What it does.

194. Freedom by the Cross.

195. Righteousness is a Gift from God.

196. Victory over Sin and Iniquity.

197. Repentance, the Road to Recovery, and the Door of Release.

198. The Life of Faith is Living in the Rest of God.

199. Fruitfulness - God Expects and is Looking for Fruit.

200. Vision for Ministry.

201. Know What You Believe - Know Why You Believe.

202. The Power of Full Surrender.

203. Reconciliation Meeting.

204. You Have been Chosen By God - For Full Assurance.

205. The Harvest Is Plentiful and So Are The Labourers.

206. Identifying and Breaking Curses.

207. "The Law" and the issue of the Sabbath in the New Testament.

208. The Blessing of God upon all His People.

209. Steps in Readiness for Worldwide Ministry.

210. Kinds of Fruitfulness in the Christian Life.

211. Abundance of Grace.

212. A Biblical Attitude toward the Government.

213. Epistle to the Romans - A Commentary.

214. The Most Significant Aspect of Christianity is Grace.

215. Keeping Focused on the Lord's Purpose in the Storm.

216. Great and Marvellous are Your Works, Lord God Almighty.

217. An Easter Message - the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

218. There is One Body of Christ in this Town.

219. "Once Saved Always Saved."

220. God's House in Kaitaia.

221. Spiritual warfare.

222. Australian National Pastors' Prayer Summit.

223. Christ Revealed in the Four Gospels, lives in the Believer.

224. Judge not That You be not Judged.

225. In Christ or in Adam.

226. Closing the Gap Between Where We are at and What God is Calling Us to be.

227. The Church and the Nation of Israel.

228. Protection of the Home.

229. Guide to Developing the Vision for a Local Church.

230. Faith - Your Faith is Power.

231. God says, "Where is the House that You will build for Me?"

232. Humble Yourself to God and He Will Lift You up.

233. Call to Intercession.

234. The Kingdom of God.

235. Revival Studies.

236. The Power of the Prayer of Release.

237. What God is Saying to the Church. (2001)

238. Come to the Mountain of the Lord.

239. Why is Prayer so Important?

240. Revelation Survey.

241. What is the Gospel and our Responsibility to the Gospel.

242. Revival in Northland, New Zealand.

243. Urgent - Steps to Revival.

244. The Blessings of Spiritual Barrenness.

245. Humility: Its Three Aspects.

246. Assisting a Church Oversight to Clarify an Ongoing Vision.

247. Times of Testing Before Increase.

248. Communion.

249. The Priesthood.

250. God Has Made Us Overcomers in Christ.

251. Compassion for the Unsaved and Urgency to Win the Lost.

252. Leaven as a Type of Sin.

253. Jesus Gives Us the Overview of Endtime Events.

254. What About Truth?

255. Be Clean and Useful to God.

256. Administration.

257. Counselling.

258. You Shall Love the Lord Your God With All Your Heart.

259. Worship, Warfare and Victory.

260. Making Choices.

261. Secure identity in Christ.

262. Building the Church - Study in Ephesians.

263. Church History.

264. Team Ministry.

265. The Church, The Keys and The Kingdom of God.

266. God's Vision for You and the Church.

267. The Joy of the Lord is our Victory, Strength, Peace, Resting Place.

268. Why We Do What We Do.

269. Apostolic Networks.

270. Trust.

271. Principles of Obtaining a Building.

272. Seven Steps for a Sustainable work of God.

273. Why the World Hates and Persecutes Those Who Follow Jesus.

274. The Christian, the Gospel and the Law of Moses.

275. Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage.

276. Right Use of Authority.

277A. Let Us Rise Up And Get Rid Of Sin.

277B. Keeping First Things First.

277C. Trust God And Believe His Word.

277D. We Are Called To Humble Ourselves To Be Servants Of God And Others.

277E. It Is Not By Might Nor By Power But By My Spirit Says The Lord Of Hosts.

277F. Speak Out God’S Word – Publish The Word Wherever You Go.

278. Humanism: Forerunner for Antichrist by Derek Prince.

279. Breakthrough.

280. Song of Solomon.

281. Prayer Gathering Agenda.

282. Messages on Revival.

283. The City Wide Church.

284. Increase.

285. Prayer Walking in New Zealand.

286. Pitfalls for Pastors and Cell Group Leaders.

287. Heart of Marriage.

288. Saving Faith Produces Good Works.

289. Humility is Precious to God

290. Funeral for Reuben Jellick

291. Be Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only

292. Song of Solomon

293. The Importance of Knowing How Much God Loves You

294. The Greatness of God's Love for Us

295. The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven

296. Praise is the Power of Heaven

297. Our Inheritance in Christ

298. Benefits of Networking in the Body of Christ

299. Power of Acting in Love

300. The Yoke Will be Destroyed Because of the Anointing

301. The Ministry of the Prophet

302. The Ministry of the Evangelist

303. God is the Source of Our Supply

304. Ministry of the Apostle and Networker

305. The Cross of Christ the Power of God

306. The Old Covenant and the New Covenant

307. We Need to be Ready to Meet the Lord as our Judge

308. It Is God's Will to Heal the Sick

309. Unity in the Church is a Blessing from God Needed to Achieve His Goal

310. Praying for the Government is a Priority with God

311. Resolving Conflict Jesus Way

312. Know and Use Your Spiritual Authority

313. Apostolic Authority and the local church

314. Understanding God's Law and God's Grace

315. The Gospel of the Kingdom of God

316. God is Just and Acts in Justice

317. Jesus' Teaching - The Beatitudes, Matthew 5:1 - 12

318. Give Honour to Those God Chooses and Anoints

319. Our Number One Purpose in Life

320. The Foundation of Faith and the Working of Miracles

321. The Purpose of Miracles

322. Readiness for the Lord's Coming

323. Jesus Gives Us Rest From Religious Legalism

324. The Sabbath as in the Law of Moses

325. The Moral Law Continues Today

326. The Angels Of God

327. The Restoring Ministry Of Elijah Before Jesus Returns

328. Women Are Allowed To Speak In Church

329. The Transfiguration of Jesus

330. Entering and Abiding in the Rest of God, Walking in the Spirit

331. God is Gathering His People in Every Locality

332. Natural Disasters and Their Cause

333. Jesus said, My Sheep Hear My Voice

334. Five Messages, Papua New Guinea Christian Centre, Port Moresby, May/June, 2011

335. God has Revealed Himself To All People

336. Humbling Self to Live By the Word

337. March and Pray Through Your Region

338. The Purposes of the Gathering of the Lord's People

339. God Wants Sons and Friends as well as Servants Who Serve

340. God Answers Prayer

341. But Keeping The Commandments Of God Is What Matters

342. The Melchisedec Priesthood

343. It Is God's Will For All To Be Saved

344. Living in the Kingdom of God

345. Family, Marriage, Children

346. God Does Not Allow It, We Do!

347. We Receive Life By The Words God Speaks To Us

348. Marriage, Family and Children

349. Mobilise The Church To Care For The Poor

350. Everlasting and Eternal (The meaning of these terms)

351. Choose To Have a Burden For the Lost

352.Great Multitudes Followed Jesus and He healed Them All

353. Faith Is Living By The Words We Hear God Speak To Us

354. God's Hedge Of Protection Around Us

355. Christian Mihi and Tatai, in New Zealand Maori

356. Every Believer is in Full Time Ministry

357. The Presence of God is Our Treasure

358. The Tide of Righteousness has Turned and is Coming In

359. Daniel Seventy Weeks Prophecy - Chart

359a. Daniel Seventy Weeks Prophecy - Notes

360. The Creative Power of the Word God Speaks to Us

361. The Importance of Reading The Word of God

362. If You Love Me Keep My Commandments

363. Transformed by the Word and Power of God, Making Disciples

364. Ask and Receive

365. Relationship With Jesus, Comes Before Serving Him

366. Living in Hope

367. The Year of Jubilee

368. Hearing the Voice of the Lord 369.

369. Righteousness in Christ - Imputed and Imparted

370. Being Changed into the Likeness of Christ

371. The Importance of the Baptism with the Holy Spirit

372. Jesus Spoke of Practising our Righteousness

373. The Mind and What We Think, is Vital to Spiritual Progress

374. Faith Comes from God and Leads to Obedience, Unbelief Leads to Disobedience.

375. Jesus Talks to the Rich Young Ruler- The meaning of "Enter the Kingdom of God"

376. Buy the Truth and Sell It Not - Proverbs 23:23

377. A Fresh Look at an Old Problem - "Has God indeed said.....?"

378. Keep a Heavenly Perspective in All Things

379. Bible Faith that Inherits the Promises of God

380. Remember to be Holy

381. The Price God paid for our Forgiveness is beyond our Comprehension. Forgive - be Forgiven.

382. We Cannot but Speak the Things we have Seen and Heard

383. Ready to Meet the Lord

384. What is the Culture of the Kingdom of God?

385. Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

386. Mix the Good News, the Holy Spirit speaks to you, with Faith

387. Zion, its Origin and Significance

388. The God of Peace will crush satan under your feet shortly

389. Be not conformed to this World, but be Transformed by the Renewing of your mind

390. Our Inheritance in the Kingdom of God

391. Somehow, By All Means, Make Time to Pray

392. By Abundance of Grace and the Gift of Righteousness We Reign in Life by One Christ Jesus

393. Two Essentials of the Christian Life

394. What Makes A Woman Truly Beautiful?

395. This is My Joy, that you Live and Walk in the Truth

396. The Mercy Seat of God

397. Understanding the Need of Repentance

398. The Word of God is Alive, Active, and Powerful and Fully Inspired of God

399. The Keys to Maintaining Revival

400. Mindful of the Things of God

401. All Wisdom and Knowledge are to be Found in Jesus Christ

402. United States Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage

403. Be Filled With the Holy Spirit (Speaking to yourselves and to the Lord with...)

404. Walk in the Light as He (God) is in the Light

405. Fight the Good Fight of Faith, Lay Hold on Eternal Life

406. You Must Be Born Again

407. Scriptures on the Topic of Alcohol

408. Jesus said to call God "Our Father"

409. Waiting for the Promise of the Lord to be Fulfilled

410. Jesus is More than Enough

411. Taking the Lord's Supper, Communion, in a Worthy Manner

412. Gifts that God Gives to Us

413. God's Law of Faith for all His Children

414. The Power of Believing and Proclaiming the Word the Holy Spirit Reveals to You

415. Persecution Overcome

416. Strength Will Rise as We Wait upon the Lord

417. With the Mouth Confession is made unto Salvation

418. Every Believer Must Eat to Live

419. Preach the Word

420. The Call of God to Northland, New Zealand

421. Freedom from Shame, Guilt and Condemnation

422. Believers Know the Significance of the Times They are In

423. Church Planting - God's Perspective

424. Church Planting, 40years, Lessons Learned

425. There is One Body, the Church

426. Psalm 23, The Shepherd Psalm, and New Testament Parallels

427. In What Name Then Shall We Baptize?

428. Listen, Hear, Believe with the heart, Confess with the mouth.....the Word God speaks to you.

429. God's Love and God's Wrath

430. Scriptures Proclaimed many Times in Preparation for Working of Miracles

431. Combined Churches' Prayer Gathering, Auckland City, New Zealand, February, 2017

432. Matthew 24 and the Lord's Second Coming

433. Scatter the Seed of the Gospel

434. Receiving the Fullness or Baptism with the Holy Spirit

435. Keeping the Commandments of God is What Matters

436. Planting Churches in Northland, New Zealand, The Antioch Model

437. Chosen by God according to Foreknowledge

438. Early Believers Called Themselves "The Way"

439. We Are Co-Workers Together with God

440. Do Business Till I Come, and What is the Business?

441. The New Covenant, The Old Covenant, and the Law of Christ

442. The Baptism with the Holy Spirit releases the gifts, functions and ministries of the Holy Spirit

443. Full Repentance, Answered Prayer and Joy

444. Repentance - God's Precious Gift

445. Biblical Church Leadership Structure

446. God's Word says: I Am, I Have, I Can Do

447. You are the God who Performs Miracles

448. Sonship. Sons of God. Heirs of God. Heirs of God According to Promise

449. Pray the Gospel Way, Asking and Receiving

450. The Battle is the Lord's

451. Praising God makes a way for Him to Come and Give us His Peace

452. Jesus said, Beware of Deception

453. We Learn Lessonms in the Storms

454. My Expectation is from the Lord

455. Signs of the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ

456. Overcoming Unexpected Problems

457. Eight Ways God Blesses His People

458. Jesus Taught about Hell, Gehenna, the Lake of Fire

459. God's Week of Redemption

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